Saturday, December 8, 2012

SunVox song optimization for slow devices

The CPU of your device is too slow for some SunVox project? Here are some tips to avoid this.
  • Use monophonic modes (Mono, HQmono or LQmono) for the modules. For example Analog Generator has a Mode (12) controller; set it to the HQmono (High Quality Mono) value. Another example - Mono (04) controller of the EQ module.
  • Use low quality modes (LQ or LQmono) for the modules.
  • Use reduced polyphony for generators.
  • Don't use the Reverb, or use it in LQ (Low Quality) mode and with All-pass filter disabled.
  • Use the Sampler without interpolation (Sample interpolation = OFF; Volume interpolation = OFF).
  • Use the Generator without Attack and Release (Attack = 0; Release = 0; Sustain = ON).

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