Monday, December 24, 2012

Pixilang v3.4.3

Pixilang updated to version 3.4.3

What is new:
  • license changed from New BSD to MIT;
  • Android: support of x86 and ARMv7-A;
  • added Android native library (.so) support;
  • new folder with examples - native_library;
  • new data processing operations for op_cn(): OP_COLOR_SUB2, OP_DIV2; use them if you need N/C[i] instead of C[i]/N;
  • new transformation functions: t_push_matrix() and t_pop_matrix(); use them to save and restore current transformation state;
  • new graphics examples: labyrinth, clock, save_gif_anim2, hdr_simulation, tiny_generator1-5;
  • bugs fixed.

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