Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pixilang 3.4.1

Pixilang updated to version 3.4.1.
What is new:
  • new key code - KEY_MENU;
  • added address checking; now you can't call undefined functions;
  • new container flag: CFLAG_INTERP - enable linear image interpolation (software mode);
  • new constant - OPENGL (1 - if OpenGL available);
  • new function: get_real_path() - convert Pixilang-style path (e.g. 1:/img.png) to the real filesystem path;
  • new functions for working with file list: new_flist(), remove_flist(), get_flist_name(), get_flist_type(), flist_next();
  • new graphics examples: interpolation, tornado, file_list_sorted;
  • new console examples: get_real_path, file_list, file_list_sorted;
  • bugs fixed.

Happy birthday, Tangerine (Mac OS X and Windows intro).

Code by NightRadio (made with Pixilang), music was tracked by Manwe in SunVox (remake of "Early Fall" tune composed by Tangerine in Scream Tracker 3). Download app/exe:

SunVox library

SunVox Dynamic Library for developers has been updated to v1.7.2b. You can use this library to play SunVox songs in your Windows/Linux/OSX applications.

Monday, October 1, 2012