Tuesday, July 23, 2013

SunVox DLL v1.7.3d

SunVox Dynamic Library for developers has been updated to v1.7.3d!
New functions added: sv_get_number_of_module_ctls(), sv_get_module_ctl_name(), sv_get_module_ctl_value().
With this library you can play SunVox songs and synths in your iOS/Android/OSX/Linux/Windows applications.

Converting Video to Audio and Back Again. A Pixivisor Demo

by Daniel Rowland

Friday, July 12, 2013

New SunVox album from The Handle

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Virtual ANS album

The new album using only Virtual ANS is released:
Upon Awakening, the Architect Imagined 69 Stairwells by Fleshy Timeclock
Enjoy it!
Virtual ANS (ANS - the abbreviation for "Alexandr Nicolaevitch Skryabin", the great Russian composer) is the software simulator of the unique Russian optical synthesizer, developed by a scientist E. Mursin in the years 1937-1957.
Another good news is that i'm working on the new version of Virtual ANS right now - rewritten from scratch, much more powerful, cross-platform (Windows, Linux, OSX, Android, iOS) and optimized for real-time playing. And of course you can speed up ANS development by making a donation.