Monday, March 5, 2012

Some points about mobile version of SunVox

Mobile version (ARM-based) of SunVox has fixed point integer audio engine (4.12 bits). This means that you hear the 13-bit sound on mobile devices. It is fast but with slightly audible quantization noise. Rendering to WAV also has this noise, but no more than that. For example, if you hear some glitches due to lack of CPU power, these glitches will not be present in the WAV-file after rendering. In other words, the result of WAV rendering will be the same on different devices with ARM CPU.
In spite of the mobile version noise, 32bit WAV export may be with better quality due to the absence of audio overflow.

1 comment:

  1. it is finnally not a pb indeed -working on ipad and then re-export from a pc or a mac - after some reflections it is maybe better to keep it like this, so sunvox stay very light to use on ipad :)
    great app anyway keep the gerat work!