Thursday, March 15, 2012

Local and Global controllers in SunVox

Each SunVox module has a set of global and local controllers. Choose the "Info about selected item" in the sound network menu, and you will see the list of supported local controllers. But what's the difference?

For example, i have a chord with two notes. Playing on Generator 01.
If i change the global controller Panning (03) - it affects all notes from my chord, and any sounds from Generator 01 at all.
If i change the local controller Panning (03) - it affects only one note (separate polyphonic channel) from my chord.

In other words, i need a chord with two notes. But the first note should be played in the left channel. And the second note - in the right channel.
How to do it?
Solution 1: use two Generators; Generator 01 with Panning 0000, and Generator 02 with Panning 8000.
Solution 2: use one Generator and local Panning controllers.

More info is here:

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