Saturday, April 7, 2018

SunVox Library for developers

You can freely use the SunVox engine in your applications (even commercial ones).
With SunVox library you can play several SunVox/XM/MOD music files simultaneously, and manage the modules (synths and effects).
Supported systems: Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android.
Archive with the library is here.
You will find the following folders inside:
  • android - SunVox library for Android + sample projects;
  • headers - SunVox C/C++/Pixilang/FPC header files; API description is in the sunvox.h file;
  • ios - SunVox library for iOS + sample projects;
  • linux - SunVox library for Linux + sample projects (most detailed examples!);
  • macos - SunVox library for macOS + sample projects;
  • pixilang - example of using SunVox library in Pixilang application;
  • resources - SunVox songs and modules for the sample projects;
  • windows - SunVox library for Windows + sample projects.

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