Thursday, March 16, 2017

PixiTracker 1.5

PixiTracker has been updated to v1.5!
(version for iOS will be released within a few days)

What is new:

  • export to XM (eXtended Module of the FastTracker2) - this file can be loaded by any modern music tracker/player (for example, SunVox); 
  • sound editor: "reduce size / 2 (lossy)" function has been added; 
  • Linux: ARM64 architecture support (tested on PINE64 64-bit Single Board Computer); 
  • Linux: Raspberry Pi, PocketCHIP and other ARM(armhf)-compatible devices support; 
  • Linux and Windows: multitouch support; 
  • Android (4.0 and higher): System Settings -> Interface: new option "Hide system bars" for true fullscreen mode; 
  • new sound packs (16bit): pack10_fm, pack11_percussion_2, pack12_orchestra; 
  • new song (16bit) - Example12;
  • bugs fixed.

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