Sunday, June 1, 2014

SunVox v1.7.5 BETA1

SunVox v1.7.5 BETA1 is ready for testing!
It is intermediate version on the way to the 1.8.
Available for: Linux, OSX, Windows, PalmOS, Win Mobile.

What is new:

  • new module - Pitch Shifter;
  • shortcut configuration (key redefinition) window has been added to the Main Menu -> Preferences -> Interface;
  • customizable curve of the values has been added to MultiCtl module;
  • MIDI Octave Offset option has been added to the MIDI Preferences;
  • avconv (libav) support on systems without ffmpeg;
  • PR (Set note period) command has been renamed to SP (Set pitch);
  • main menu has been divided into two separate menus: the Main Menu (left side) and the Pattern Menu (right side);
  • Play (F9) shortcut has been changed to Play/Stop;
  • new keyboard shortcut: F10 - play from beginning;
  • new simple song examples: crossfader;
  • new song examples: Twistboy - Translucent;
  • bugs fixed.

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