Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pixilang v3.4.5

Pixilang updated to v3.4.5!
What is new:

  • new effects for effector() function: EFF_SPREAD_LEFT, EFF_SPREAD_RIGHT, EFF_SPREAD_UP, EFF_SPREAD_DOWN;
  • new ASIO driver options;
  • audio input (Mic/Line-in) is now also available for Linux (ALSA), Windows (MME,DirectSound,ASIO), Windows Mobile (with full duplex drivers only) and OSX; 
  • added Prefs (Preferences) button in the starting screen;
  • new function: create_directory();
  • new function: get_flags() - get container flags;
  • new function: prefs_dialog() - show global Pixilang preferences;
  • new function: open_url() - open web browser window with selected URL;
  • new function: vsync(): vsync(1) - enable vertical synchronization; vsync(0) - disable;
  • new graphics examples: split_rgb2, effector2, effector3; 
  • bugs fixed.

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