Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New SunVox MetaModules from gilzad

From the author's description:
Spoken very simplyfied, a compressor just raises the signal after a specified time (Release). A Gate does the opposite. It quietens the signal after a specified time. (again, Release).

From the author's description:
A classic Exciter creates harmonics in the audible high frequency band (around 8 kHz and above). So this is simply done by applying Distortion behind a HighPass-Filter. Some time in the early 2000's, I guess, I saw this "Waves MaxxBass" plugin. A DirectX/VST-plugIn that would create harmonics in the bass range. Later, at a friends house, I saw the "SPL Vitalizer" that magically enhanced the bass range of a very narrow-sounding Kraftwerk song. Now even Renoise offers a 3-Band Exciter. True, if we can create harmonics in the high-band, why not create harmonics in many bands? Enough motivation for me to test that! When handling frequencies, I find it pretty handy to control deep lows, low mids, mids, high mids and the highs separately. So I decided I wanted to have five bands for our Exciter.

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