Monday, May 28, 2012

Pixilang v3.3

Pixilang has been updated to version 3.3!
  • new functions: copy_file();
  • new functions for working with native dynamic libraries: dlopen(); dlclose(); dlsym(); dlcall();
  • new functions: triangles3d(); sort_triangles3d();
  • new data processing operations: OP_COLOR_ADD; OP_COLOR_SUB; OP_COLOR_MUL; OP_COLOR_DIV;
  • added GIF support (load/save);
  • added animation support (for example, you can load and save animated GIFs);
  • new examples: triangles_3d.pixi; save_gif.pixi; save_gif_anim.pixi; load_gif.pixi; fractal_julia_fast.pixi; data_processing3.pixi; data_processing4.pixi; animated_container.pixi;
  • many bugs fixed.

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